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Adifier is a really total categorized advertisements market. All it’s functions are constructed from scratch which leads to having just the important things which are needed. It was thoroughly crafted with a great deal of studying of all popular markets in order to choose which includes to consist of. Let’s see a few of the functions which the style provides.

Several Advertisement Types

Your users will have the ability to provide their categorized advertisements much better with the choice to choose kind of the advertisement which will send out clear details to possible purchasers. They will have the ability to picked among the following: offer, auction, purchasing, exchange, present. Visitors are likewise able to filter advertisements by this type.

Advanced Customized Fields

Advanced custom-made fields requires to bring sellers capability to provide their classifieds with clear and abundant details and visitors finest possible purification choice while preserving speed of the website. Advanced custom-made fields which are constructed specifically for this style attain precisely that. You can setup custom-made fields per classification basis.

Money Making – – Earn From Advertisement Post

Considering that the style is targeting broad market variations, money making of categorized advertisements publishing is not exception. Style supports bundles (enable users to publish particular quantity of advertisements ), memberships (enable users to send advertisements for particular quantity of time) or complimentary.

Money Making – – Earn From Advertisement Promoting

Style goes even additional by permitting your users to promote their classifieds. They have the ability to bump up advertisement, hightlight advertisement, make advertisement included, make advertisement immediate or to promote it on the map on web page. This area is likewise completely adjustable in such a way that you have the ability to produce endless variety of promo deals.

Payment Approaches

The wider you go more payment techniques you require to support and as soon as again style is viewing your back by accepting PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayUMoney, perfect, Wallet One, Paystack, PagSeguro and Bank transfer. As whatever else this is likewise custom-made constructed for this style to assist you serve categorized advertisements as best as possible.

Messaging System

What’s a market without interaction? Customized construct messaging system for Adifier will bring your users best offered interaction concerning their classifieds where they can talk with other users while having their messages wisely arranged by advertisements.

Reviews System

Individuals require to understand who they are handling and for that function examines system for both purchasers and sellers is executed. In this manner users will have some beginning point concerning security of the trading with items noted on categorized advertisements.

Auction System

Perhaps purchasers wish to pay less or seller is hopping to make more? They will able to do that utilizing bidding system for categorized advertisements which is completely offered in Adifier style.

Social Login

We understand that it is frustrating to occupy registration kind and for that function we have actually established social login system for this style in order to accelerate registration procedure so users can begin publishing classified advertisements as quickly as possible.

User Control Panel

User has total control over their profile through their control panel where they will quickly access details and action they require. In addition to publishing categorized advertisements, messaging and examines users will have the ability to see gos to per advertisement, their billings, see list of preferred advertisements, modification profile information, inspect auctions in which they are taking part, purchase bundle or membership, …

Compare Advertisements

Your users will have the ability to compare classified advertisements they like so they can have clear view what is provided amongst their preferred ones. This contrast is based upon functions (custom-made fields) and you can manage optimal variety of advertisements they can compare.


  • Bump Up Advertisement
  • Emphasize Advertisement
  • Included Advertisement
  • House Map Advertisement
  • Immediate Advertisement
  • Membership System (Limitless)
  • Bundle System (Unlimited)
  • Hybrid System (Unlimited)
  • Free System
  • Free Advertisements Upon Registration
  • Compare Advertisements
  • Google Maps
  • Mapbox maps
  • OpenStreet Maps
  • Area Nation Constraint
  • Manual Customized Locations
  • Locations In Single List
  • Areas In Several Levels
  • AJAX Browse
  • Quick Browse
  • Radius Filter
  • Cost Filter
  • Customized Fields Filter
  • Image Just Filter
  • Condition Filter
  • Reveal Phone
  • Dial Phone
  • Print Advertisement
  • Share Advertisement
  • Report Advertisement
  • Bidding History Advertisement
  • Flexible Field
  • Advertisement Slider
  • Advertisement Video
  • Sellers Listing
  • Regular Offer Advertisement
  • Auction Advertisement
  • Present Advertisement
  • Purchasing Advertisement
  • Exchange Advertisement
  • Lease Advertisement
  • Task Asking For Advertisement
  • Task Offering Advertisement
  • Embedded Customized Fields (for instance Vehicle Make/ Design reliance )
  • Several Worths Customized Field
  • Single Worth Customized Field
  • Date Customized Filed
  • Single/ Several Colors Customized Field
  • Rangle Slider Customized Field
  • Rangle Customized Field With Inputs
  • Checkbox Customized Fields
  • Radio Buttons Customized Fields
  • Routine Input Customized Fields
  • Mandatory Control Customized Fields
  • Multicurrency
  • Limitless Classification
  • Goes To Chart
  • Advertisement Status
  • Complete Profile Management
  • Ajax Messaging
  • Messaging Per Advertisement
  • Purchaser Evaluations
  • Seller Evaluations
  • Unread Remarks Management From Control Panel
  • Evaluation Actions
  • Favorite Advertisements
  • Quick Gain Access To To Auctions
  • Sticky Menu
  • RTL Totally Supported
  • XML Importer
  • CSV Importer
  • XLS Importer
  • More/Less Expanding Classifications
  • Classifications In Single List
  • Classifications In Several Levels
  • Logged Out Smart Contact Type
  • GDPR prepared
  • Account Deactivation
  • Bad words fitler
  • Image watermark
  • Facebook Login
  • Twitter Login
  • Google Login
  • Routine Login
  • Email Confirmation
  • End Advert Email Notice
  • Auction Email Notice
  • Auction Countdown
  • Manual/ Vehicle Approval
  • Approval Email Notice
  • Customized Bidding Action
  • Customized Video Thumbnail
  • Customized Advertisements Per Page
  • Customized Advertisements Per Promo
  • Customized Map Design
  • Radius Systems
  • Send Terms & & Conditions
  • Max Images Control
  • Max Image Size Control
  • Max Videos Control
  • Customized Email & & Call Sender
  • Order ID control
  • Authorize.Net Payment Entrance
  • Bank Transfer
  • perfect Payment Entrance
  • PagSeguro Payment Entrance
  • PayPal Payment Entrance
  • PayStack Payment Entrance
  • PayUMoney Payment Entrance
  • Stripe Payment Entrance
  • WalletOne Payment Entrance
  • PayULatam Payment Entrance
  • PayUEU Payment Entrance
  • GoPay Payment Entrance
  • QuickPay Payment Entrance
  • PayHere Payment Entrance
  • Mercado Payment Entrance
  • PayFast Payment Entrance
  • Paysafe Payment Entrance
  • Worldpay Payment Entrance
  • Circulation Payment Entrance
  • Tax All Set
  • King Author Page Contractor
  • Beaver Contractor Page Contractor
  • Elementor Page Contractor
  • List/ Grid/ Card Design
  • Contact Type
  • A Great Deal Of Look Personalization
  • Send By Mail Membership
  • Sticky Menu
  • Several Blog Site Listings
  • Billings
  • Slug Changer
  • Different Email Logo Design
  • Gorgeous Email Notice Design
  • Password Healing
  • Password Strength
  • Password Length
  • SVG Logo Design
  • Row Slider
  • Row Video
  • Social Hyperlinks
  • Demonstration Material
  • Responsive
  • System Constructed From Scratch
  • Enhanced For Speed
  • 3 Navigation Styles
  • Google AdSence Ready
  • Google Analytics
  • Placeholder For Advertisements
  • SMS/ Call Phone Confirmation
  • And Much more……


Variation 3.8.9.

  • Minor bug repairs & & enhancements

Variation 3.8.8.

  • Minor bug repairs & enhancements
  • Upgraded language file

Variation 3.8.7.

  • Included compare depend on icon
  • Included Clear All for compare window
  • Included reset button on color filter
  • Included choice to go to modify advertisement screen from seeing an advertisement
  • Included choice for sellers to conceal their phone in profile settings(* )Included choice to disable car opening of compare window
  • Included given name and surname to the list of compulsory fields which you can manage
  • Included Infinity Advertisements component which will fill advertisements on scroll
  • Moved Stripe to their checkout
  • Small bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 3.8.6.

Included choice to disable count of advertisements on locations/categories widget

  • Included choice to filter active/inactive users on Users noting in wp-admin
  • Included autocomplete for mapbox
  • Included map cookie authorization (maps are not filled for the visitor unless he offers a permission )
  • Moved phone confirmation service to variation v2
  • Included sales filter for Offer advertisement types
  • Included widget for sharing posts and pages
  • Included choice to disable password strength
  • Included choice to restrict login efforts
  • Included compare button on advertisements single
  • Included choice to make it possible for redirect after advertisement is sent
  • Upgraded language file
  • Small bug repairs
  • Variation 3.8.5.

Included assistance for Elementor page contractor

  • Included Open Street Maps
  • Included demonstration imports for Elementor
  • Upgraded language file
  • Small bug repairs
  • Variation 3.8.4.

Included choice to restrict title length

  • Included password strength
  • Included choice for password length
  • Included resend activation e-mail
  • Included confirmation mail on profile mail modification
  • Included routine text custom-made field
  • Included search on sellers page
  • Included site field for profile
  • Included quotes manage in admin (on advertisement single page )
  • Included multi choose choice for classifications
  • Included multi choose choice for predefined areas
  • Included choice to show username rather of First Call + Surname
  • Included unread talk about user control panel
  • Included apart alternatives for mapbox language
  • Included canceled choice for the orders
  • Included choice for zoom level on profile page
  • Included choice for zoom level on single advert page
  • Included alternatives for default map place and zoom on promo map
  • Included choice to disable talk about advertisement single pages
  • Included e-mail for unread remarks
  • Upgraded language files
  • Enhanced little gadget design
  • Small tweaks
  • Bug repairs
  • Variation 3.8.3.

GDPR compilant videos

  • Video URL recognition
  • Included ended filter on backend
  • Included Rigorous Consecutive Billing Numbering choice in Adifier WP -> > Payments -> > Force Sequential Paid Billing Numbering
  • Included Expired filter in admin listing of the advertisements
  • Included autologin on mail confirmation
  • Included PayPal v2 API
  • Included Google geocoding for the areas which are input just with typing place and not picking from the list of locations
  • Included choice to choose if search is set off by the button or by any modification on the kind
  • Updated language file
  • Small bug repairs
  • Variation 3.8.2.

Compatibility with WP 5.3

  • Minor bug repairs
  • Variation 3.8.1.

Included currency in Adifier Importer and missing out on advertisement types

  • Included map on cellphones (search with map design template )
  • Included some more lease alternatives and choice to manage which one are shown in
  • Included send link on button component (usage #submit for link )
  • Included comparable advertisements
  • Included scrollbars on checkboxes and radios on send advertisement
  • Upgraded Stripe Checkout
  • Upgraded language file
  • Small bug repairs
  • Variation 3.8.0.

Included Fondy Payment Entrance

  • Included button for beaver contractor
  • Small bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 3.7.9.

Included choice to manage Google Instructions

  • Included choice to manage image sizes created by the style
  • Included assistance for numerous lines in messages
  • Included car upgrade of quote history in the list on single advert page
  • Included MakeCommerce payment entrance
  • Included mapbox assistance
  • Upgraded Language file
  • Some tweaks
  • Minor bug repairs
  • Variation 3.7.8.

Included Google Sign-In

  • Included Circulation Payment Entrance
  • Included assistance for thousands, decimal separator and decimal control for secondary currencies
  • Included different column for tax along with overall on billings
  • Included variety searh with routine inputs to Customized Fields
  • Included checkboxes to Customized Fields
  • Included radioboxes to Customized Fields
  • Included choice to set custom-made field as compulsory
  • Included reserved cost on auction
  • Included advert ended mails
  • Included more information on billings (cost, tax and quantity columns along with advert title )
  • Included password toggle button
  • Small tweaks
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 3.7.7.

Minor bug repaired

  • Eliminated google network
  • Included links to sign up and login modals
  • Included search by ID of the advertisement
  • Updated language file
  • Variation 3.7.6.

Included speed control for text & & interactive sliders

  • Included autoopening of subcategories, if any, on classification page arrival
  • Included choice to limit reporting of advertisements in Adifier WP -> > Advertisements -> > Reporting Of Advertisements
  • Included advertisement date on advertisement single
  • Included ID columns on advertisement areas and classifications
  • Eliminated links from send advertisement textarea
  • Eliminated Google+
  • Upgraded language file
  • Small bug repairs
  • Variation 3.7.5

Download All Files & & Paperwork and check out changelog Small bug repairs

  • Set ribbons on RTL
  • Updated style to adhere to brand-new Envato requirements
  • Included retina assistance for google marker icons (cluster consisted of)
  • Included details about direct reply to mail for logout contact
  • Included advert id (beside variety of views )
  • Included capability to browse advertisements by ID in backend
  • Included choice to set instructions of address on single advert and profile
  • Variation 3.7.4.

Some small enhancements

  • Minor bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 3.7.3.

Minor bug repairs

  • Variation 3.7.2.

Included much better control for images orientation from iOS

  • Included reset for category/custom place filter
  • Included choice for register terms&& conditions
  • Included variety of advertisements published to users table
  • Included inline recognition for commenting
  • Included mail alert for account status modification (active/inactive)
  • Included mail alert for outbid
  • Included bank payment information on list of billings (so user can access them quickly )
  • Included Task – – Deal advertisement type
  • Included Task – – Desired advertisement type
  • Included vibrant URL for search page
  • Included offline payment
  • Better style for cellphones
  • Better taxonomy page which has total search now
  • Minor bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 3.7.1.

Little bug repairs

  • Variation 3.7.

Included short-term repair for KingComposer

  • Variation 3.6.

Gutenberg suitable and prepared for WordPress 5.0

  • Minor bug repairs
  • Variation 3.5.

Included purchasing by term ID for search worths on custom-made fields

  • Included QuickPay payment entrance
  • Included PayHere payment entrance
  • Included Mercado Pago payment entrance
  • Included max cost on Buy advertisement type
  • Included get instructions on single advertisement and profile pages
  • Included Several Colors custom-made field
  • Included link to advert and link to respond on unread messages e-mail
  • Included header design with side classifications
  • Included complete dark header design
  • Included complete assistance for SVG icons on classifications
  • Included interactive slider
  • Better mobile style
  • Enhanced chooses of custom-made field worths on advertisement send
  • Upgraded language file
  • Small bug repairs
  • Variation 3.4.

Additional author panel imporvements

  • Upgraded OWL carousel
  • Small bug repairs
  • Variation 3.3.

Included PayFast payment entrance

  • Included Paysafe payment entrance
  • Included Worldpay payment entrance
  • Included autoplay for advertisements
  • Included leasing duration on lease advertisement type
  • Included double opt-in choice for MailChimp membership
  • Updated language file
  • Some Improvements
  • Some bug repairs
  • Variation 3.2.

Upgraded author panel, modals enhancement, forms enhancements, and so on……

  • Included advert card design
  • Included multicurrency with conversion filter (filter advertisements with various currencies with ideal conversion rate )
  • Included Lease advertisement type
  • Included how it works component
  • Included classifications table component
  • Included typed text component
  • Included highlighted label on components
  • Included topads filter on Adverts component
  • Included label for menus
  • Included more demonstrations
  • Included choice for max image size
  • Included more control over billing ID
  • Included PayU EU payment entrance
  • Included choice to erase accounr (optional )
  • Included another search kind design
  • Updated language file
  • Bug repairs
  • Variation 3.1.

Repaired Twilio bug

  • Variation 3.0.

Included choice to validate phone by call

  • Included choice to disable decimal locations
  • Included assistance for term purchasing plugins (custom-made fields sort order set to None )
  • Included urgent/negotiable to single advert
  • Included choice for category/location subterms when utilizing default WP taxonomy pages
  • Included choice to connect categories/locations terms from Look -> > Menus to taxonomy or search page
  • Included preferred button on product listings
  • Minor bug repair
  • Updated language file
  • Variation 2.9.

Included google map language choice in Adifier WP -> > Advertisements -> > Map Language

  • Included billing mails
  • Enhanced messaging for cellphones
  • Enhanced category/location dropdown on submit/profile edit screens
  • Upgraded typefaces list
  • Updated language file
  • Small bug repairs
  • Variation 2.8.

Minor bug repairs

  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 2.7.

Included title component

  • Included areas component with 5 various designs
  • Included Quick Browse component
  • Included transparent classifications component
  • Included text slider component
  • Included slider with text and background image component
  • Included another search box version for page contractor component
  • Included paid column for orders
  • Included link to advertisements in approval status mails and linked coloring with look alternatives
  • Included complimentary cost table when some complimentary things upon registration are allowed
  • Included choice to manage variety of advertisements on basic taxonomy term listing (advertisements classification & & advertisements place)
  • Included slider to Classifications Tree component
  • Some visual enhancements
  • Minor bugs repaired
  • Variation 2.6.

Quick search is now car set off

  • Included end colum for advertisements on backend
  • Included transparent header
  • Included unreaded messages mail
  • Included phone confirmation through Twilio
  • Included flexible field for Offer advertisement type
  • Small bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 2.5.

Included GoPay payment entrance

  • Included choice for Google AdSense
  • Included choice to picked kind of cost filter – – slider or inputs
  • Enhanced conserving very first advertisement where place is instantly conserved for profile
  • Image Watermark is supported (check out paperwork )
  • Minor bug repaired
  • Upgraded languages
  • Variation 2.4.

Included prefilter for copy/paste text of advertisements from other websites

  • Included placeholder image for advertisements
  • Minor bug repairs
  • Variation 2.3.

Included choice to show empty classifications in shortcodes

  • Included bad words filter
  • Included sneak peek for update/pending when approval is manual
  • Included choice to disable promo
  • Included GDPR checkbox for contact/register/subscribe
  • Included choice to show other advertisements of a author on advertisement single
  • Minor tweaks
  • Minor bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 2.2.

Minor bug repairs

  • Variation 2.1.

Included logout icon beside account

  • Included assistance for Beaver Home builder
  • Included choice to eliminate predefined Areas and utilize Google just
  • Included image minutes width constraint
  • Included PayULatam payment entrance
  • Included program more/less on classifications and areas filter
  • Included choice to reveal contact kind for logged out users
  • Better messages discussion design on little gadgets
  • Minor bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 2.0.

Repaired bug with social login

  • Set compare markings (icon goes to style color )
  • Repaired navigation typeface color on little gadgets
  • Minor bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 1.9.

Included XML/CSV/XLS Importer

  • Included link and image parser to talk messages
  • Included choice to choose compulsory fields
  • Included sort for custom-made fields
  • Included choice to conceal particular custom-made fields from search
  • Included choice for google analytics
  • Included choice to set default listing on search page
  • Eliminated choice ‘‘ Single Advertisement Sidebar Area (Little Screens )’ considering that single page is now arranged
  • Repaired reddit share icon
  • Repaired contributing to favorites
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 1.8.

Included another navigation design

  • Included choice to disable conditions
  • Included constraint for non admins to gain access to backend
  • Included classification list component
  • Included classification tree component
  • Included services component
  • Included advert slider choice for adverts component
  • Included round icon component
  • Included widget with search function
  • Included custom-made sidebars
  • Included choice to disable header search
  • Repaired expiration time for auctions
  • Repaired typeface switcher
  • Repaired some compatibility concerns with PHP 7.2
  • Upgraded demonstration material
  • Updated language file
  • Variation 1.7.

Repaired spelling mistakes

  • Repaired eliminating of promos
  • Repaired conserving updates
  • Enhanced image control with adverts
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 1.6.

Included choice to set some complimentary advertisements upon registration (Bundle )

  • Included choice to set some spare time for publishing advertisements upon registration (Membership )
  • Included choice to set some spare time and advertisements for publishing advertisements upon registration (Hybrid )
  • Included hybrid pack in which you can setup variety of advertisements and time for it
  • Included compare advertisements function
  • Included countdown for auctions
  • Included messages alert on topbar
  • Included place constraint per nation (nations )
  • Included avatar for social login
  • Modifies occasionally
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 1.5.

Included choice to call telephone number on mobile phones

  • Included filter for pending and updates
  • Included fast search
  • Included PagSeguro payment entrance
  • Better style
  • Little bug repairs
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 1.4.

Minor bug repair

  • Variation 1.3.

Included choice to limit particular advertisement types

  • Included choice to classifications shortcode to be connected to browse page
  • Included choice to press single advert sidebar to the bottom on smaller sized screens
  • Included Paystack payment entrance
  • Included Wallet One payment entrance
  • Included manual approval of advertisements
  • Included choice for e-mail logo design considering that e-mails do not support SVG
  • Organized alternatives
  • Repaired message sending out on mobile phones
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 1.2.

Included details concerning Google API secret

  • Included page design template for noting all of the sellers (users who have at least one advertisement published )
  • Included choice to disable Google areas completely
  • Included details about expiration date on advertisement listing on user control panel
  • Included slider on Row settings
  • Enhanced conserving of user information from admin backend
  • Repaired bug with iOS uploads
  • Repaired bug with altering slug of advertisements
  • Upgraded language file
  • Variation 1.1.

Upgraded smeta plugin

  • Little tweaks
  • NOTIFICATION: Images from demonstration are not consisted of in the demonstration material, in location of them, placeholder image is being utilized (exact same habits like demonstration images) in order not to break image license.