Dokan Elementor is a module that permits only the admin to modify the overall look of web pages of an online vendor store. It comes with high-quality features that only the admin can access.

Our skilled developers know how to make the most of this plugin to deliver you the desired results.


Following are the prerequisites to install and implement Dokan elementor:

  • Dokan plugin
  • Dokan Pro
  • Elementor Pro
  • Elementor Free
  • Dokan lite
  • WooCommerce

How Do We Install a Dokan Elementor?

Here are the steps we follow to install Dokan Elementor successfully:

The first step is to start with setting up and activating the Dokan plugin (free and paid versions).

We go to your  ‘WP Admin Dashboard’ and then select ‘Dokan’ followed by ‘Modules’. To activate the Dokan Elementor module, we click on Elementor and look for the toggle button to turn it on.

Once it is turned on, a pop-up appears on the computer screen. We select the type of template that we work on, give it a name, and then click on the ‘CreateTemplate’ button.

After that, we get to see three blocks for the vendor store page and click the ‘insert’ button on the template that we like to add. This redirects to a page displaying the following options:

  • Store Banner: We drag and drop these components to a preferred location to allow vendors to modify banners of their stores.
  • Store Name: With this element, we change the name of stores owned by individual owners.
  • Profile Picture: We use this option to change the profile images of store owners.
  • Store Info: To display information about a store to a vendor, we use this component.
  • Store Social Profile: Using this element includes, our developers add social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Flickr and YouTube.
  • Store Tab Items: This element consists of options – products, terms, conditions, and reviews. Our developers display or hide them as per your preferences.
  • Store Tab Contents: This element shows the products available in the store as a tab.
  • Store Share Button: This element makes it possible for vendors to add a share button on the store.
  • Store Support Button: By using this element, we add a support button on the vendor store page.
  • Store Live Chat Button: This element makes it possible for vendors to set up a ‘live chat’ button on the store page.
  • Store Follow Button: We utilize this element to include a follow button to the vendor store page.
  • Store Vacation Message: Through this feature, a vendor displays texts when they are on a vacation.
  • Store Coupons: We use this option effectively so vendors can easily display store coupons to customers.

Dokan Elementor – How Our Developers Customize Store Elements?

AT&T Software comes with a team of proficient Dokan developers who customize store elements in the most effective ways.

Here are the steps we follow for store element customization:

  • We drag a store element or widget and drop it to your preferred location using the ‘Elementor editor’. Once the elements are dropped perfectly, it comes into effect. Like other general Elementor elements, we customize these store elements as per your requirements.
  • After customization of the default Dokan elementor template and changing their locations along with other properties, we can set a profile and banner placeholder picture for vendors so they upload their pictures easily. When the color of a particular area of elements using custom CSS, your vendors will not be able to change it again.
  • Once editing is done, we click the ‘UPDATE’ button followed by clicking on the arrow beside it. Then, we click on the ‘Save as Template’ button.
  • A pop-up shows where we add a name and save the template.
  • We click on the arrow again and choose the ‘Display Condition’ option which displays a pop-up. To complete the setup successfully, we hit the ‘Single Store’ option from the dropdown list and click on the ‘Save and Close’ button.
  • After setting up, all vendors can view customized elementor templates from their stores.

Choose AT&T Software to Make the Best Use of Dokan Elementor 

Dokan elementor, when implemented effectively can improve the functioning of your vendor store to a large extent. AT&T Software has got a skilled team of Dokan developers who can help you with its perfect implementation anytime!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to make the most of the Dokan elementor module.