Almost all WooCommerce plugins have positive reputations in the marketplace for offering a good deal of features. Dokan and WCFM are two of the best options to consider. When it comes to choosing one of them as a multi-vendor solution, you might get a bit confused.

Here is a clear comparison between Dokan and WCFM based on different factors that will help you to decide on the right option for your digital business. But before that,take a look at how both of them got started their journey!

Dokan – How it Got Started

Dokan started out as a WooCommerce marketplace theme on 17 February 2014. Post 7 months of release, it got relaunched as a plugin integrated with a free theme to survive the growing competition. In 2015, Dokan expanded its visibility to a wider WordPress audience after the plugin’s lite version was published. The turning point was in March 2017 with the significant improvement in plugin statistics when lite version was made a compulsion with the Pro.

Another salient Dokan upgrade took place in November 2017 that was mainly marketing improvement. Expensive pricing plans with in-built modules got introduced and individual add-ons were eliminated.

WCFM – How it Got Started

WC Lovers, the company that created WCFM marketplace started out with a WooCommerce frontend manager. After a few months, multi-vendor plugins’ support got added to it. On 15 August 2018, WCFM marketplace was introduced on WordPress and became popular immediately.

Post its launch, WCFM grew from 0 to 5000 installations within 6 months. On its 306th birthday on WordPress, it entered the 10000+ active installations club.

That’s all about the inception and growth of Dokan and WCFM. Now, it’s time to compare both with each other on the basis of certain factors.

Comparison on Features:

The pages added by plugins other than WooCommerce need CSS touch to make them look consistent with the entire website user interface. So, you must prefer compatible themes for every plugin. Both WCFM and Dokan marketplace totally offer frontend experience for vendors.

Although both give statistics for monthly earnings, sales and order, WCFM reports are more detailed. With this marketplace, you can offer a rich review user experience. There is no category dependent review system and users can only rate from 1 to 5 stars.

Unlike WCFM, payment options in Dokan are limited. Both these plugins allow vendors to add various shipping processes, classes, and zones. Dokan is not as good as WCFM in terms of editing bulk products. WCFM Marketplace is the only WooCommerce multi-vendor platform with a feature-rich seller app that makes it simple for vendors to manage products and track orders. WCFM permits articles publishing directly from a panel without charges & transfer.

Comparison on Support:

Software with a robust support system benefits more as it saves time and money. While Dokan comes with a ticketing system as a key channel, WCFM works on their platform like WordPress.

Both plugins support email and Facebook. One of the distinct features of Dokan is that it offers web chatting facilities for presale communications.

Comparison on Integration:

The marketplace is full of diverse business models. Online businesses who work on the same model rarely have different feature needs. When building your own marketplace, you might need compatibility with APIs or third-party vendor apps to offer exclusive services to vendors and customers.

With WCFM, you can select from various supported integrations including all WooCommerce supported payment gateways, product types and other robust solutions.

Dokan supports a decent number of third-party solutions but less integrations than WCFM, mainly in the ‘product types’ section.

Comparison on the Basis of Documentation:

Documentation is usually known as a manual or user guide and is designed to offer help to users implementing a certain approach. Well-written documentation is also used for training.

WCFM as well as Dokan offer in-depth documentation in the form of video tutorials and textual guides. Developer documentation is the field where both these plugins get ample opportunities for improvement.

Comparison on the basis of Price:

When you plan to build your dream online marketplace, you should think about the price at the last. If you want the best results by paying the least amount, then Dokan development can be an ideal choice!

The pricing of Dokan is available in packages. You get four pricing plans to choose the most suitable option. As each offer something more than the earlier plan, you need to check the features and modules that you require to build your marketplace. $499/yr plan is the most preferred plan among clients across the world.

WCFM offers extensions for the premium features. Below are the 6 options:

  • WCFM Ultimate – $49/yr *equivalent to Dokan’s Business plan
  • WCFM Groups & Staffs – $39/yr
  • WCFM Affiliate – $29/yr
  • WCFM Delivery – $29/yr
  • WCFM Analytics – $11/yr
  • WCFM Product hub – $11/yr

The price at WCFM Marketplace is quite higher than Dokan as the former share an organizational vision that is significantly different from others.

As now you are aware of the differences between Dokan and WCFM, you can decide the perfect option suited to your business requirements.

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