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Dokan is a premium WordPress marketplace plugin. An increasing number of companies are choosing this plugin to build and revamp their digital marketplaces. DevDok comes with a team of dedicated and skilled Dokan development team who can fulfill all your demand at the best price.

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Why Choose Us for Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin Customization?

To make it big in the Dokan marketplace and earn maximum profits, hiring our developers can be the right choice.
Take a look at the key reasons to choose us for the Dokan multi-vendor plugin customization:

Perfect Customization and Integration

DevDok perfectly customizes your e-commerce website by adding rich frontend and backend features. With our Dokan plugin optimization, customization, and third-party integration, you can gain optimum success in the digital sphere.

Optimum Security and Maintenance

We help your online business to boost the security and performance of your multi-vendor marketplace. Our experts improve the functioning of your website and keep it updated as and when required.

WordPress Expertise

DevDok comes with highly qualified developers with expertise in WordPress multivendor marketplace development. By hiring our developers for short-term, long-term and recurring WordPress work, you can rule online.

Customer Satisfaction

For us, client satisfaction matters the most. With specialization in Dokan development, we ensure you 100% satisfaction no matter how complicated your project needs are. Share your ideas with us to succeed in the Dokan marketplace



DevDok believes in the utmost creativity and aims to provide the most innovative and lucrative sultions to clients across the world. Our skilled Dokan developers assist you in empowering your multi-vendor marketplace and transform your digital business manifold.

We plan, budget and forecast considering your business needs and latest market trends to make the best use of Dokan plugin for your ecommerce website. Hire our WordPress multivendor marketplace developers to revamp your online business with Dokan and other plugins.

Dokan – An Ideal Choice for Your Online Marketplace

Dokan has turned out to be a great choice to flourish a digital marketplace in the shortest span of time.
Here are the reasons to choose Dokan for your online store:

Excellent Front-End Experience

Once you integrate Dokan to your website, you experience a smooth and optimum functionality.

Simple Configuration

After integrating Dokan plugin to your ecommerce website, you can customize without coding.

Thorough Customer Support

When you join Dokan marketplace, you get full support from adroit engineers as needed.

WooCommerce Themes Compatibility

Dokan is compatible with almost every WooCommerce theme and functional feature.

Salient Features of Dokan Plugin

Here are the key features of the Dokan plugin:

User-friendly dashboard:

Dokan is integrated with an easy-to-access and rich dashboard that offers a fabulous user experience. You can modify orders, inventory, discounts, coupons, and sales. The available plugin with storefronts and templates helps you to give your online store the look you want.

Multiple product support:

As Dokan supports many product types, you can easily sell subscriptions, downloadable, virtual, variable, and bookable products.


As Dokan is mobile-optimized, you can edit orders and check delivery to the billing address whenever you want.

International Shipping Support:

Using Dokan, you can set global shipping for all stores and override shipping charges from products directly through the front-end dashboard.

Reviews and Ratings:

Dokan plugin permits customer’s reviews and ratings on products. Genuine reviews enhance brand value and impress several new customers.

SEO Management:

With frond-end dashboard, you can easily handle SEO activities for your online store and write permalink along with meta descriptions.

Coupon management:

You can create exclusive sales offers to improve customer retention by using Dokan’s integrated coupon management

Promotion tools:

When you integrate Dokan, you get robust tools to promote your business online and add social media profiles to increase cross-sales.

Top-notch Modules of Dokan

Live Chat

With the Live Chat module, you can ease and speed up your communication with customers that builds trustworthiness.

Product Addon

This module helps customers to select additional products. Users can build addons for products as per convenience.

Vendor Subscription

This module supports selling of all types of products – physical, downloadable, and virtual. You can manage billing, fees management and other relevant tasks.

ShipStation Module

With the ShipStation module, you easily manage, ship and import orders. You can view reports using mobile devices and get flexibility on permissions.

Seller Verification

This module supports verification of vendor and seller through photos, contact numbers and social profiles. This build trusts among customers and thus, increase sales.

Single Product Multi-Vendor

With this module, vendors can add each other’s products with a single click without the need of intervention and even edit imported products.

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