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This will not be the very first time you try to find a directory site style, however it will be the last time. Since with Listify you have more than you might ever desire or require.

Whether you understand it or not, much of the sites you check out are powered by directory sites.

  • When you purchase a home – – property websites reveal listings.
  • When you purchase a cars and truck – – vehicle websites reveal listings.
  • When you select a dining establishment – scores websites reveal listings.
  • When you schedule a getaway – – travel websites reveal listings.

Your website will be a thing of appeal. Let’s be sincere, the issue with the majority of those websites, while extremely practical, is that much of them aren’t extremely quite. It’s why the stunning ones are so popular, due to the fact that they match fantastic photography with wonderful performance.

That’s what we have actually made with Listify.

Get Going Rapidly

Wish to develop a booking system rapidly, We have you covered with combinations to the market’s finest reservation services. We support Open Table, Resurva, WooCommerce Reservations presently.

You plug in your account info, and our style will connect the systems. The outcome will be the fastest and best-looking booking website you have actually ever constructed.

Google Will Love You

Have you discovered that when Google returns searches, in some cases there are scores beside listings and in some cases there aren’t? We will not bore you with schema information, however we can inform you that your website, due to the fact that of the method we have actually coded Listify, will appear the proper way. Google will enjoy you, therefore will your potential clients.

Your Income Is Awaiting You

Since of the range of WooCommerce payment entrances and extensions, you might simply as quickly develop:

  • A Present Certificate Website
  • A Dining Establishment Guide
  • A Subscription/ Association Website

The capacity is unlimited, merely based upon what you can picture.

Powerful Plugin Combination

Let’s discuss all the performance that you can integrate with this style. The style incorporates with the following plugins right out of package:

  • Gravity Kinds
  • NinjaForms
  • Contact Kind 7
  • FacetWP
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Item Vendors
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension
  • WooCommerce Reservations Extension
  • WooCommerce Payment Entrance Extensions

To be clear, the style does not come bundled with these plugins. You’ll need to download them yourself (and some might need a purchase).

What we have actually done, nevertheless, is code the style to support and design the combination with those plugins so that you can include all the performance you like, while still looking fantastic!

Earn money with Listify

Did we discuss you could utilize this to generate income?

Prior to you choose that this is or isn’t the very best style ever, let’s emphasize another method you can generate income with this style.

We have actually currently hinted that you might charge for any of the following:

  • Include a listing
  • Declare a listing
  • View a listing
  • Make a booking
  • Reserve a consultation
  • Access to the website

However we have actually gone even further to likewise support advertisement areas. So even if you do not wish to charge for anything else, you can still make advertisement income. Listify is a mix of appeal, performance, and ease.

This is more than simply a lovely style. It’s more than simply an extremely practical one. It’s likewise exceptionally simple for end users to take pleasure in.

  • Let them conserve a listing with our Bookmarks assistance
  • Let them look for a listing by an area or postal code
  • Let them see a map of all the regional listings
  • Let them produce submissions without logging into the admin user interface
  • Let them share or check out a listing’s social networks websites

Which’s on top of the functions and combinations we have actually currently discussed, Like OpenTable, Resurva, WooCommerce Reservations! Construct the directory website of your dreams!

Please keep in mind: This sale is for the Listify WordPress style just. In order to maximize the style extra WordPress plugins are needed. Some premium plugins might need extra purchase.


  • WP Task Supervisor ( complimentary)
  • WooCommerce ( complimentary)

Our demonstration utilizes these extra premium plugins:

These plugins are not needed for your site to function and just required if you need the extra performance supplied. To learn more about why these plugins are not bundled with the style check out these posts relating to the concern.

  • WooCommerce Social Login
  • Products for WP Task Supervisor
  • Prolonged Place for WP Task Supervisor
  • Claim Listing for WP Task Supervisor
  • Noting Payments for WP Task Supervisor

Changelog & & Update History

= 3.0.0: September 24, 2021 =

  • New: New skin “Modern vintage” included.

= 2.14.3: August 25, 2021 =

  • Repair: Scroll concern on send listing type with mistake.
  • Repair: WordPress 5.8 compatibility.

= 2.14.2: June 1, 2021 =

  • Repair: Listing type submission problems.

= 2.14.1: May 20, 2021 =

  • New: User Location-based Listing widget
  • New: Pagination for evaluations
  • Repair: Non-index tag concern fixed
  • Repair: HTML5 concern on Firefox fixed
  • Repair: WordPress 5.7.2 compatibility

= 2.13.7: March 30, 2021 =

  • Repair: WordPress 5.7 compatibility.
  • Repair: WooCommerce 5.1.0 compatibility.
  • Repair: WP robotics compatibility with WordPress 5.7.

= 2.13.6: February 19, 2021 =

  • Repair: Undefined variable problems.
  • Repair: New web page styling.

= 2.13.5: February 16, 2021 =

  • Update: Newest PHP, WordPress and WPJM compatibility check.
  • Repair: Map widget concern.
  • Repair: A retired variation of Map concern.
  • Repair: Map complete screen concern.
  • Repair: List information page slider concern.
  • Repair: Mobile menu concern.

= 2.13.4: October 20, 2020 =

  • Update: WP Task Supervisor 1.34.3 compatibility check.
  • Update: WooCommerce 3.6.0 compatibility check.
  • Update: WordPress 5.5.1 compatibility check.
  • Update: PHP 7.4.1 compatibility check.
  • Update: MariaDB 10.4.10 compatibility check.
  • Update: Mapbox library to newest variation 3.3.1.
  • Update: Bootstrap grid library to newest variation 4.5.0.

= 2.13.3: October 8, 2020 =

  • Repair: Replicate map and contact widget concern repair.

= 2.13.2: October 1, 2020 =

  • Include: Captions included on pictures are display screen on frontend in “Listing: Picture Gallery” Widgets
  • Update: Author contact popup design to repaired on scroll
  • Repair: Listing: Author contact e-mail popup material show concern
  • Repair: PHP cautions on search classification when question not passed as a variety

= 2.13.1: July 7, 2020 =

  • New: Compatibility with Elementify.

= 2.13.0: April 10, 2020 =

  • Repair: Upgraded markup and styling of the plan choice page.
  • Repair: Listing: Map & & Contact Information Mobile phone improvement.
  • Repair: Listings Page Loading concern.
  • Repair: Particular Place filter bug repairs.

= 2.12.1: October 5, 2019 =

  • Repair: A Deadly mistake in the Tertiary menu, just when WooCoomerce was not active.

= 2.12.0: October 1, 2019 =

  • Update: Compatibility with the next variation of WP Task Supervisor 1.34.0 (beta).
  • Update: Examined Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.7.0.
  • Include: A tooltip on the Evaluation submission type to notify the user when he attempts to send an absolutely no star score.
  • Include: Alternative to filter listings by the label in the Listings Widget.
  • Include: Alternative to modify the “View more” link and label in the “Page: Current Posts” widget.
  • Include: A brand-new Item design in the WooCommerce Item List widget.
  • Include: New choices in the Page: Current Posts widget, to filter posts by post IDs and classification IDs.
  • Repair: A much better anchor dive for the Evaluations and Reservations submission.
  • Repair: Include Polylang translation assistance for widgets choices and Customizer choices.
  • Repair: The bottom arrow for the sub-items in the Tertiary Menu.
  • Repair: Prevent including backslashes to the keyword field, while browsing listings.
  • Repair: Element WP Place filter Icon on RTL has a much better position.
  • Repair: A PHP caution when the Reservations widget was utilized without the WP Task Supervisor Products plugin.
  • Repair: A PHP caution, which was appearing when the cached listings filtered by place was not initialized yet.
  • Repair: Get rid of use of WooCommerce Social Login circumstances deprecated in 1.6.0.
  • Repair: Get rid of use of WooCommerce deprecated function utilized to bring terms.

= 2.11.0: May 25, 2019 =

  • New: WooCommerce 3.6.3 assistance.
  • Repair: Guarantee that web page settings meta boxes work with Gutenberg.
  • Repair: Guarantee that hours of operation time zone drop-down within the editor shows properly.
  • Repair: Update assistance link within Listify setup guide.
  • Repair: Correct login button position on check in/ register windows.
  • Repair: Gotten Rid Of Social Login from the advised plugins till plugin is upgraded.
  • Repair: Correct Breadcrumbs PHP Notification alerting on some installs.
  • Repair: Update content importer as it was crashing due to absence of supplier classes.
  • Repair: Update HelpScout beacon JS within starting guide.
  • Repair: Update screenshot size within starting guide.
  • Repair: Include SVG filling spinner on outcomes pages.
  • Repair: Guarantee Console Notification Google Maps API Caution is eliminated.
  • Repair: Update associated listings widget to that its settings are conserved.
  • Repair: Guarantee map icons aren’t cut off on some internet browser types.

= 2.10.1: January 31, 2019 =

  • Repair: More WP Task Supervisor assistance.

= 2.10.0: January 26, 2019 =

  • New: WP Task Supervisor 1.32.0 assistance.

= 2.9.0: November 6, 2018 =

  • New: WooCommerce 3.5 assistance.
  • Repair: Mapbox on single listing pages.
  • Repair: Guarantee marker title does not overlap on Mapbox infobubbles.
  • Repair: Regard Noting Payments choose_package automated redirect.
  • Repair: Do not consist of existing listing in “Associated Listings” widget.
  • Repair: Accessory connecting in “Gallery Slider” widget.
  • Repair: Guarantee “Associated Listings” widget is offered when classifications are handicapped.
  • Repair: Guarantee all widgetized pages appear when utilizing Polylang.
  • Repair: Guarantee “Contact Us To Action” widget colors use.
  • Repair: hatom upgraded tag.
  • Repair: Allow “Autofit” choice for Google Maps and prevent zooming mistakes.
  • Repair: Guarantee Noting Types can be saved money on the “Listings” widget.

= 2.8.2: September 5, 2018 =

  • Repair: Guarantee secondary dropdown menus show up on big gadgets.

= 2.8.1: September 4, 2018 =

  • Repair: Update to Google Maps 3.33 to decrease control size.
  • Repair: Zoom controls on single listing map reversed.
  • Repair: Guarantee the CTA widget covers complete width.
  • Repair: Tertiary navigation background.

= 2.8.0: August 25, 2018 =

  • New: Assistance FacetWP “Advanced” mode by default.
  • New: Better RTL assistance.
  • Repair: Post positioning.
  • Repair: Margins before/after function callout widgets.
  • Repair: Header, navigation, and search bar enhancements in Bootstrap 4.
  • Repair: Concealed amount field in WooCommerce store.
  • Repair: WooCommerce column designs.

= 2.7.0: August 23, 2018 =

Huge Update!

  • New: Update to Bootstrap 4.1 grid structure.
  • New: Cache geolocation search results page.
  • New: Include listify_sort_listings_query_args filter.
  • New: Include listify_map_service_settings filter.
  • Repair: Usage mapbox.js to produce clearer Mapbox maps. See to upgrade settings.
  • Repair: Update gallery previous/next instructions.
  • Repair: Do not output “Favorite” link on sneak peek.
  • Repair: Guarantee Autofit is offered when utilizing Mapbox.
  • Repair: Enable page-level widgets to appear in Beaver Home builder.
  • Repair: When utilizing WordPress SEO regard the media redirect setting.
  • Repair: Get rid of minimum rely on a couple of widgets.
  • Repair: Guarantee Products plugin exists prior to outputting imported products.
  • Repair: Usage base language for creating widgetized pages in Polylang.
  • Repair: Prevent PHP mistake when Products plugin is not active.
  • Repair: Correct “results discovered” string in FacetWP.
  • Repair: Guarantee ended listings can still be queried in search results page.

= 2.6.1: May 18, 2018 =

  • Repair: Prevent PHP mistake prior to WooCommerce 3.4 is launched.

= 2.6.0: May 16, 2018 =

  • New: WP Task Supervisor 1.31.0 compatibility.
  • New: WooCommerce 3.4.0 compatibility.
  • New: Usage very same package-selection UI when declaring a listing.
  • New: Recenter Google Maps when seeing single listing mini map in fullscreen mode.
  • New: Output breadcrumbs, arranging choices, and stock notes in WooCommerce.
  • New: Pick to filter particular Noting Enters the Listing widget.
  • Repair: Include an.entry-title class to the single article title.
  • Repair: Wrap commenet author name in a.vcard class.
  • Repair: Update WP Task Supervisor string bypasses.
  • Repair: More FacetWP classification archive compatibility.

= 2.5.0: April 17, 2018 =

  • New: Update cart count when including a product to the cart.
  • New: Include listify_is_job_manager_archive_tax filter.
  • New: Include listify_the_listing_secondary_image_args filter.
  • New: Include boosted dropdown to timezone selector when sending a listing.
  • New: Match FacetWP’s result_count text to match default filters.
  • New: Enable listify_comment() to be overriden.
  • New: RTL assistance for noting breadcrumbs.
  • Repair: Guarantee correct outcomes are returned when going to a listing archive straight with FacetWP made it possible for.
  • Repair: Modify block hcard markup.
  • Repair: Update designs for noUi-slider.
  • Repair: Usage localized settings for timepicker.
  • Repair: Guarantee default map view stays when changing tabs on mobile.
  • Repair: Prevent PHP mistake in outputting star counts.
  • Repair: Prevent PHP mistake when an orphaned item is connected to a listing.
  • Repair: Get rid of facetwp_template_use_archive filter override.

= 2.4.6: March 16, 2018 =

  • New: More WooCommere 3.3.0 enhancements.
  • New: Show more useful outcome depend on noting page. 47 Outcomes Found (Revealing 1-25)
  • New: Boosted timezone choose for service hours timezone.
  • Repair: Just usage parallax scrolling on big gadgets.
  • Repair: Update blog site author card microdata.
  • Repair: Do disappoint bookable item reservation type on listing sneak peek.
  • Repair: Update blog site author microdata.

= 2.4.6: February 22, 2018 =

  • Repair: Usage very same rounding on noting card and listing page.
  • Repair: Constantly recalculate noting scores when a brand-new evaluation is included.
  • Repair: Business logo design RTL assistance.
  • Repair: OpenTable scheduling iFrame.
  • Repair: Include microdata back to noting breadcrumbs.
  • Repair: Get rid of limitation on author current listings widget.
  • Repair: Fill all place fields throughout autolocation.
  • Repair: Disable autopan on mobile phones.
  • Repair: select2 max-height when no choices are offered.
  • Repair: Do disappoint unimportant listings on Associated Listings widget.
  • Repair: Business logo design overflow on Safari.