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First Of All, Premiumo|Grocery Store and Digital Shop Responsive Prestashop Style is a fantastic style in Prestashop 1.7.6. x – – the latest variation at this minute with complete functions of online shop. It was developed for varied products like grocery store, electronic devices market, Style, Clothing, Furnishings & & House design, electronic devices, service shop ……, and several shops

Second of all, Premiumo|Grocery Store and Digital Shop was developed with Leo Structure among the very best Prestashop structure. It is completely responsive and supports both Css3 and Html5, RTL language, bootstrap3, front incredible therefore far more that assist to develop refined websites with semantic precision. Next to that Animation and Parallax results or Drag and Drop components functions provide the entire style a smooth sense.

Finally, it is completely Responsive Prestashop Style and a versatile style totally adjustable for any gadgets (Desktop, laptop computer, tablet, smart phone……) Premiumo|Grocery Store and Digital Shop includes great deals of integrated performance that includes effective admin panel will assist you handle your website much better, tailor much easier.

Design Template Functions

  • 03+ Remarkable Market Site Style homepages Demos
  • Well-integrated PrestaShop Advanced Market Module in Premiumo
  • Ready-to-use Many Seller/Vendor Functions
    • User-friendly Seller Control Panel
    • Unlimited Products Upload
    • Unrestricted Supplier Accounts
    • Supplier Orders
    • Supplier Concern
    • Supplier Chat
    • Supplier Voucher Code
    • Supplier Commission Revenues
    • Supplier Pay to Order
    • Filter Classification on Supplier Control Panel
  • Complete Market Control & & Manage by Admin on PrestaShop Admin
    • Approve/disapprove, Edit/Delete Vendor/seller Account
    • Chat with Suppliers & & Clients through Subiz Chat
    • Upload item to market
    • Approve/disapprove Concern & & Evaluations
    • Set Various Commission for Vendors
    • Establish chat for Market
    • Manage Supplier’s Products
    • Manage orders, Shippings
    • Market Settings
  • Numerous header design
  • Simple modification color design template width through the Live style editor Module.
  • Can include code css, js in backoffice
  • This Design template suitable with Prestashop 1.7. x
  • We equate design template to 6 languages.
  • Totally suitable IE10+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
  • Page contractor Module: drag and drop, brief code, landing page developer, customized field for item and classification.
  • Item list contractor in web page and classification page., develop product item for Desktop, laptop computer, tablet, smart phone.
  • Item information contractor and assistance 7+ item layouts., develop item page for Desktop, laptop computer, tablet, smart phone.
    • Item image thumbs bottom
    • Item image thumbs left
    • Item image thumbs ideal
    • Item image no thumbs
    • Item image no thumbs center
    • Item image no thumbs fullwidth
    • Item image gallery
  • Live edit style: modification background, text color, header and footer design
  • Mega menu module, blog site module, responsive slideshow, video slideshow.
  • Fly cart, wishlist, contribute to compare, item tab, ajax search.
  • Browse in blog site and button share
  • Css3, SVG icons utilized.
  • Item Slider/Grid web page and classification page
  • Look book module, item gallery module
  • Social block: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Optimum load speed for google speed, SEO Optimization.
  • RTL and several language assistance
  • This Design template is developed for desktop, all tablet and mobile phones
  • Colours Themes assistance (Yellow, Blue, Pink……) and Numerous header design
  • Design template assistance for Jquery Impacts, css 3. Multiples modules suffix’s build-in design template for module styling.
  • Excellent integrated material design.
  • SEO Optization & & High Conversion Rate
  • Supports several design alternatives, set up within from back-office.
  • Easy to include customized html module, unique, brand-new, house function through Leo Manage Widget Module
  • Assistance for native language file translation.
  • Ap Market PRO PrestaShop Module for Market Multivendor in PrestaShop 1.7
  • Video Leo Structure

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  • Modification log:

    << h3>> Variation 1770 (Huge upgrade)<.
    << p>> Module and file modification in variation in folder style<.
    << pre>>.
    **** design templates modification:.
    *** Js file.
    *** tpl file.
    modulesps_bestsellersviewstemplateshookps_bestsellers. tpl.
    modulesps_brandlistviewstemplates_partialsbrand_form. tpl.
    modulesps_contactinfops_contactinfo. tpl.
    modulesps_contactinfops_contactinfo-rich. tpl.
    modulesps_crosssellingviewstemplateshookps_crossselling. tpl.
    modulesps_emailsubscriptionviewstemplateshookps_emailsubscription. tpl.
    modulesps_imagesliderviewstemplateshook slider.tpl.
    modulesps_shoppingcartmodal. tpl.
    Modulesps_supplierlistviewstemplates_partialssupplier_form. tpl.
    templates_partialsbreadcrumb. tpl.
    templatescatalog_partialsminiaturespack-product. tpl.
    Templatescatalog_partialsminiaturesproduct. tpl.
    Templatescatalog_partialsfacets. tpl.
    templatescatalog_partialsproduct-discounts. tpl.
    templatescatalog_partialsproduct-images-modal. tpl.
    templatescatalog_partialsproduct-cover-thumbnails. tpl.
    templatescatalog_partialsproduct-prices. tpl.
    templatescatalog_partialsproduct-variants. tpl.
    templatescatalog_partialsquickview. tpl.
    Templatescatalog_partialssort-orders. tpl.
    templatescatalog_partialsvariant-links. tpl.
    templatescheckout_partialscart-detailed-product-line. tpl.
    templatescheckout_partialscart-detailed-totals. tpl.
    templatescheckout_partialscart-summary-subtotals. tpl.
    templatescheckout_partialscart-voucher. tpl.
    templatescheckout_partialsorder-confirmation-table. tpl.
    templatescustomer_partialsaddress-form. tpl.
    templatescustomer_partialsblock-address. tpl.
    templatescustomer_partialsorder-detail-no-return. tpl.
    templatescustomer_partialsorder-detail-return. tpl.
    templatescustomerorder-return. tpl.
    templatessubproduct_infodefault. tpl.
    templatessubproduct_infoaccordions. tpl.
    *** Include brand-new tpl file.
    templatescatalog_partialsproductlist. tpl.
    modulesps_emailsubscriptionviewstemplateshookps_emailsubscription-column. tpl.
    << h3>> Variation 1772<.
    << p>> Module and file modification in variation in folder style<.
    << pre>>.
    **** design templates modification:.
    This variation have not alter file in folder style compare to variation